About us

HAYCH is a new generation street inspired apparel brand created in London in 2017. Launching with 5 animated characters printed on grey sweaters made from 100% cotton, the line is targeted at cool, young people with an elevated level of consciousness and the desire to express their inner ambition through their clothing and artistic talents. 

The HAYCH brand appeals to musicians across new school genres, artists, opinion influencers, DJs, ​entertainers as well as off duty sportspeople and models. The HAYCH customer belongs to any of these groups and misfits alike but particularly all those who aspire to explore or project their true personalities to the world. The brand’s ethos rides on life learnings and the freedom of finding yourself with the characters designed representing wisdom, leadership, rebirth, confidence and power.

The brand’s paintbrush logo represents the right to self-expression and expression through style.

Find yourself and let the world know.

The Panther