What is Haych

The direction of fashion, style and culture. We created an unseen matrimony between who we think we are, and who we keep hidden. Be bold, be fearless, be true.

Transform yourself. Celebrate individuality, diversity and functional everyday style. Celebrate you. 

The line challenges us to see beyond who we pretend to be, the designer feels behind every suit you see on the street there is a personality hidden far superior. Each character emits different characteristics. 

The Panther is strength, 

The Pharoah is a leadership

The Owl is wisdom

The Eye of Horus is vision

The Mummy is the afterlife 

We worked with a team of illustrators and designers to create images that capture the mind and challenge to you understand the concept. To realise who you are and to unconsciously make the decision to remove your 'suit' and own the true you. 

Tell us what you think... your voice will be heard.