Trend Talk: Slogan Tee's

We’ve all been in that place when we’re having a shitty day when you just don’t want to deal with people and their bullshit. When you don’t want to talk to anyone and if someone looks at you the wrong way or asks you a question you may just tell them to get out of your face. You’ve probably also been in the place when you’ve questioned humanity and the shitty state of affairs we’re in (yes 2016-17 we mean you).

Now imagine you’re always being chased around by a creepy cameraman when you’re just trying to go about your life. Getting captured doing normal stuff but getting dumped all over by the press because your dad is the president so you should be perfect all the damn time. It isn’t surprising that we see celebrities smack cameramen and get caught yelling at the paparazzi but that starts up a shit storm of its own. So, how can you express your mood to the world without all the bad PR? Well recently celebs have taken to slogan tees to express their identities, beliefs and protests and we freaking love it. Here are our top fashion protests.

  1. Perry’s Political Propaganda
    Slogan Tee

Katy Perry is centre stage at a hell of a lot of public events and she’s made no attempt to hide her political standpoints from the world. In fact, she has used her status and celebrity to show the importance of being vocal about your beliefs and fighting for what you believe in. Her ‘Nasty Woman’ tee is in reference to Trump’s personal attack of Hillary Clinton calling her a “nasty woman”. Perry’s statement tee is used to unite women and embrace their inner ‘nasty’, I mean if a woman is nasty for having an opinion and voicing her beliefs then hell yeah, we love nasty women.

  1. Malia Obama’s Teen Rebellion
    Slogan T

Being in the spotlight because your dad is the president isn’t the way most kids grow up. Most kids can go through a rebellious stage without a problem, not that Malia was in full rebellion mode anyway. The kid went to a party and tried a cigarette and she got made out to be a complete delinquent by the media. What we love, is Malia’s perfect response. With her tongue in cheek, homemade, ‘Smoking Kills’ tee, she nailed it!

  1. Don’t Hassel the Hoff
    Slogan Tee

We wouldn’t mess with the Hoff, the guy has had his share of media limelight and we’d be sick of it all too. Give the guy some space, let people live their lives and get on with it. Although, to be honest, we think he secretly loves the attention. I mean, there aren’t many people out there who would wear a shirt with their own name on it. Each to their own, but we won’t be hassling the Hoff any time soon.

  1. Jay Z’s Minor Revolution
    Slogan tee

When it comes to Jay Z, pretty much anything he does and wears will be brought up. He’s one of the highest paid rappers in the business and is one half of arguably, the most prolific couples, so he’s always going to make a statement. The designers Frank & Jan’s product description tells us all we need to know: “Sh*t’s fucked and it would make you feel a whole lot better if you could blame someone for it. Can’t come up with a suitable culprit to point the finger at? Just go for the all-encompassing and the always true…BLAME SOCIETY”. Deep guys, deep.

  1. Standing up to Sexism and for Sexual Liberation

    Slogan Tee

Cara knows what she stands for and what she wants to represent, she’s a proud feminist and won’t take the bullshit inequality we face. With so much backlash hitting Miley Cyrus following her twerking, Cara’s statement unites women and shows why women should support women. It’s the 21st century, everything is sexual these days, get over it. Plus, twerking isn’t harming anyone, in fact, it should be supported, that shit’s hard and if you can do it well then you have our respect.