Tracksuit Styles

Tracksuits or joggers are a winter essential. They offer an extra level of coziness that you do not get with jeans. Their simplicity makes them easy to wear as part of your everyday clothing providing that you have a variety of colours, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing the same tracksuits each time. However, the problem with tracksuits is that people do not know how to style them correctly. So, we are here to help.

Tailored fitted tracksuit bottoms

While they are made to keep you comfy, nobody looks good in tracksuit bottoms which are so baggy that they gather air as you walk. The best way to style tracksuit bottoms is to keep it simple and fitted. When looking for tracksuits, look for tailored fit. These type of tracksuit bottoms are made for performance but don’t get it confused, their sleekness and tightness make them very stylish for everyday wear.

How to style tracksuits

Tracksuits give you room to experiment when layering because they are so casual. They can easily be styled with a plain t-shirt for a casual lounging around look. However, if you want to add an extra element of wow, wearing a designer print t-shirt or a fitted printed sweater adds extra style and attention to your look. If you are going to the gym, they can be styled with a performance t-shirts made from performance fabric. These t-shirts can also be worn casually because they are made to be fitted. They make you look more muscular and sporty which is always pleasing to the eye.

If you have a full complete tracksuit, it makes matters even simpler. It saves time when getting dressed as you already know what to wear. But, most importantly, it looks more clean and complete when styled together as a full set.

Shoes for joggers

Just like the tracksuit itself, your shoes should also be casual. The best way to ensure you wear the right pair of shoes for your tracksuit is to stick to athletic type shoes. For example, running shoes made by Nike, Adidas or reeboks. This is the best way to go because they are a match made in heaven which completes the look effortlessly. Although tracksuit bottoms limit you in your choice of shoes, you will never go wrong when styling tracksuits with the right color running shoes for the tracksuit. They help to keep the look casual, sporty and as if they belong together.

These are the ultimate keys to success when trying to style tracksuits.