Sweater Weather: How to own that hood

We’re over fashion choices that are impractical and uncomfortable, we want a look that is effortlessly stylish yet casual and wearable. We don’t know about you, but our wardrobes are packed with hoodies and jumpers and we just can’t seem to get enough of the look. Here’s our guide on how to own that hoodie and style it up to fit with any occasion.

Under a Coat

Wearing a jumper under a coat may seem like something you do to stay warm in those freezing cold months we all hate. However, it doesn’t have to look bulky and uncomfortable. There are plenty of ways to style up your hoodie with a stylish coat so you look like you’ve been styled by the pros. The look should make people hot under the collar. It shouldn’t like your partner burned all your clothes and you’ve raided a charity shop to find something to wear.     

                                  How to do it                     How not to do it



Denim can give an outfit a great edge, but it has also got a bad reputation in the world of fashion thanks to the double denim trends of the past. Recently, denim has come back and there are plenty of great denim shirts and jackets available to style up your outfit. The rules are simple, if you’re going for blue denim then make sure you get the right shade of blue for your outfit. Black denim is a pretty safe bet if you’re worried about getting it wrong. Whatever you’re going for, it’s probably best not to wear one over your nans mint green M&S jumper though. Sorry Kanye, but you don’t look like you’re feeling that look either.

                           How to do it                                       How not to do it


The jackets

There are so many jackets that look great over the top of a hoodie. If you’re out and feeling a bit too casual, throwing a leather jacket over the top is an easy and effortless way to style it up. We’ll stop picking on Kanye now because this is a look he does often and does well. Both of these guys show you how to style up a casual sweater with neutral colours for a simple and effortless look.       



Stand alone

Of course, some hoodies are just too good now to showcase on their own. If you’ve got a statement sweater then you can simply pair it with a good pair of jeans and let it speak for itself.