Haych Apparel: Who we are and what we stand for

Style is changing. The way we want to present ourselves is transforming. It’s not about fitting in, blending into the crowd, or showcasing brand names. We don’t care about over-the-top catwalk styles, we care about showcasing our individuality through our clothing choices. We are about individuality, diversity and functional, everyday style. We don’t want a clean cut, we want street style, we have urban appeal, we are Haych Apparel.

Street Style

Street style is on the rise and we’re ready to bring it. After all, runway clothing isn’t exactly wearable, right? You don’t see people heading to a gig or to the pub repping feathers head to toe. So, it’s pretty obvious why street style is on the up and that this is the market to be in. Catwalk style may be pretty in your face, but rather than show individuality it screams ‘try hard’.

We want clothing that we can wear on a casual night out, that we can style up, or play down, depending on the occasion. We want to showcase who we are and what we stand for through fashion, not steal our style from the local wildlife. Don’t get us wrong, there is a time and a place for dressing up, but if you’re not heading to a red-carpet event or getting involved in an innovative campaign then it’s not exactly the relatable everyday style we are looking to represent.

Fashion has always been deeply rooted in subcultures, from the grunge era to goth, to emo, to glam rock. Subcultures are a way of representing your personal and group identity through clothing and just like we used to have fashion subcultures, we’re now representing our identity through our environment in addition to our interests.


The line is inspired by Ancient Egypt and gives its characters a modern, urban twist that rejuvenates Ancient Egypt. The designs include The Eye of Horus, The Mummy, The Owl, The Panther and The Pharaoh. Haych Apparel takes inspiration from the urban environment, combines elements of culture and couture to create wearable, identity-driven clothing.

Stand out. Join the revolution. Become a Haycher.