Celebrity style: Celebs that express their identity through style

We’re always on the look out for inspirational celebrity style. So many celebrities use fashion to express their identity. At Haych Apparel, we think it’s important to show who you are through your clothes, it’s what we base our lines around. Every character displayed on our items has a backstory.  Here is a breakdown of celebrities who use style as expression.

Jayden Smith

Jayden Smith keeps reappearing all over the media due to his controversial style choices. His bold fashion decisions show that he is exploring his own identity and pushing the boundaries of both his identity and the wider boundaries of fashion. Jayden isn’t one to conform to fashion trends but in doing so is creating trends at the very start. He has been seen to wear skirts and style them up in an edgy way and it has been a great success for him.  Thanks to his style choices, he’s been signed on to model womenswear for Louis Vuitton.

Jayden Smith’s style identity: pushing boundaries

The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye’s style is effortlessly relaxed, cool and chilled. It’s not surprising that Abel has his own fashion line, XO and often mixes up different items in his collection to match the occasion. He’s been known to mix hoodies and suits, or jumpers and coats. Whatever he puts together, the always look effortlessly made up in the simplest way. The guy can do casual, smart and the in between and is the king of star boy of style.

Abel’s style identity: Cool and collected

David Beckham

David Beckham is well known for his style these days. He was a trend setter throughout his football career and set trends on his different hairstyles. The guy even somehow managed to make men’s headbands a thing and led to thousands of school boys copying his look. It’s not surprising that Beckham is still a style icon with Victoria Beckham being a style icon herself and the couple being known for being among the best dressed celebrities snapped by paparazzi.

However, it seems that Beckham’s style has adapted with his life. From football star, to husband, to now being a super stylish dad. With his final look being one of his strongest. He manages to pull off clothing meant for a younger demographic and often embarrasses his eldest son by revealing that he often steals clothes from his dad’s wardrobe. His style is effortlessly casual, stylish and versatile, meaning he can carry out all his fatherly duties whilst never being snapped looking dishevelled.

Beckham’s style identity: Stylish father figure

Don’t be afraid to show who you are. There are so many different brands out there that pride themselves on designing unique style that can complement your identity. Don’t just think of clothing as something you have to wear, but choose your style based on the personality you want to put across to the world. Don’t just wear clothes, own clothes.