5 Street Styles to Look Out For


We’ve seen a hell of a lot of change in men’s street style over the past few years, men are becoming increasingly into their look and the range of clothes on offer is increasing. How we present ourselves can say a lot about us so it makes sense that we don’t want to blend in, we want to look interesting, we want a sense of intrigue and one way to achieve this is through our style. One of the big styles over the years has been brought on by reality TV shows like TOWIE, but we’re done with the Essex look. We’re sick of the too-tight blue skinnies, blazers, cardigans and brogues so change up the look with some of the best recent trends in street style. Check out these five top men’s street style blogs to get the inspiration you need to change it up.

Street Etiquette

Set up by Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, these guys are bringing us some great style inspiration that can help you step up your street style. With style influenced by a mix of cultural, historical and urban perspectives they are helping to redefine the game and change the way we look at clothing. Their site brings us into their world and into the minds behind the clothing, giving access to mood boards, audio inspiration, studio shoots and journals. Making Street Etiquette one of the best street style blogs to follow whether you need a wardrobe update or just curious about the newest trends.

Street Gentry

These guys are sharp and they have a good guide to men’s style, featuring different style icons, brand news and style tips for guys living the city life. Their site is written by three different guys: The Rural Gent, Gent on the Street and Quintessential Gent, each with their own personal take on fashion and lifestyle trends.

Men In This Town

Men In This Town take inspiration from the captivating style of everyday men amongst the urban concrete of their homes. MITT was set up as a street style blog by photographer Giuseppe Santamaria before becoming a hit and extending into its own magazine following its success. If you’re looking to take inspiration from everyday men and show your personality through your individual style, then this is a blog you should check out.

The Urban Gent

The Urban Gent was also founded in 2008 and gives us the low down on how to mix the notions of being a gentleman with the modern era to bring style and class back to the streets. The Urban Gentleman has described the Urban Gentleman as “a man of style, class and culture”. Showcasing a variety of styles from traditional class, to authentically street and combinations that leave this style blog one for mixing it up and still playing it cool.  

Le 21eme

Le 21eme isn’t a street style blog but defines itself as a “photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion from cities around the world”. However, we’ve included them in the list anyway as it’s a damn good site to help the everyday guy revamp their style and own the streets. If you’re looking for quick inspo then these images taken from various fashion weeks are a way for you to get into it and see what’s going on all over the world in the name of men’s fashion.

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